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This workshop is designed to provide a fast track process for those who are interested in mastering MS Access 2000 in 6 comprehensive sessions.  It covers fundamental to advanced topics.

I. Essentials (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights
  • Opening and Entering Data in MS Access
  • Adding, Replacing, and Removing Record Text
  • Viewing Datasheet and Multiple Tables
  • Use of Filters to View Only the Information You Need
  • Creating Mailing Labels
  • Refine Filters to Accommodate Your Specific Needs
  • Modifying Database Tables
  • Improving Entry and Display by Changing a Table in Design View
  • Connecting a New Table to a Database
  • Querying Related Data Through the Joining of Tables

II. Intermediate (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Validating Data and Related Records
  • Resolving Many-to-Many Relationships
  • Gathering and Linking to an External Data Source
  • Making Data Available to Other Sources
  • Creation of Queries with Query Wizard or Design View
  • Querying Effectively with a Criteria
  • Fine Tuning Queries and Table Joins
  • Analyzing Raw Data to Create Meaningful Information
  • Using Calculated Fields and Crosstabs to Analyze Data
  • Presenting Data in a Chart
  • Creating Custom Forms with Calculated Control

III. Advanced (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Maintaining the Consistency of Form Formatting
  • Adding a Headline and Picture to a Form
  • Customizing the Design of a Report
  • Creating and Refining a Custom Auto Report
  • Refining and Summarizing Group Records
  • Making Connections with Hyperlinks
  • Publishing a Database Object as a Web Page

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