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This workshop is designed to provide a fast track process for those who are interested in mastering MS Excel 2000 in 6 comprehensive sessions.  It covers fundamental to advanced topics.

I. Essentials (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day 

 Workshop Highlights

  • Navigating the Excel Workbook and Worksheet Environment
  • Customizing your Excel Layout

  • Using Built in Features to Create an Invoice

  • Adding Pictures and Other Color Graphics to the Worksheet

  • Creating Easy to use Formulas and Calculation

  • Dressing up Worksheets to Create a Professional Look

  • Formatting Your Worksheets to Incorporate Headers, Footers, and Page Margins

  • Developing a Year-To-Date Summary and Chart

  • Use of Filters to Search for a Set of Records

  • Adjustment and Printout of Project Revenues

II. Intermediate (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Using the Sorting, Summarizing and Outline Feature
  • Standardization of Tasks and Procedures using a Macro
  • Importing Data from Other Programs
  • Distribution of Page Reports to Individuals
  • Creating a Pie PivotChart Report to Graphically Convey Data
  • Comprehension of Data Trends and Relationships
  • Setting Up Your Print Area for Selective Print Jobs
  • Converting Your Excel Document into a Web Page
  • Maintaining Your Worksheets as Web Pages Online
  • Analyzing Data and Sharing Your Workbook With Others
  • Converting an Excel Worksheet into an Access Table

III. Advanced (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Creating a Flowchart and Other Personalized Graphics for Presentation
  • Retrieving and Validating Data from Other Applications
  • Modifying and Automating Macros to Fit your Daily Tasks
  • Extracting and Filtering Data from a List
  • Customizing a Filter to Fit Your Needs
  • Develop a Gant Chart Manually or Through the use of the Chart Wizard
  • Create Data Maps to Track Sales, Expenses, Resources, and Other Business Data


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