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This workshop is designed to provide a fast track process for those who are interested in mastering MS Outlook 2000 in 6 comprehensive sessions.  It covers fundamental to advanced topics.

I. Essentials (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Using Outlook as your Gateway to E-mail
  • Review, Respond and Printing out your E-letters  

  • Customizing your Inbox Environment  

  • Scheduling of Meetings and Daily Tasks with the Outlook Calendar

  • Using the Address Book to keep track contacts

  • Adding Attachments to Messages 

  • Routing files and E-mails to Contacts and Coworkers for Feedback 

  • Organizing your E-mails in folders to Allow Fast Review

  • Creating Rules to Automatically Organize and Manage Your Inbox

  • Using the Out Of Office Assistant

II. Intermediate (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day 

Workshop Highlights

  • Importing Contact Files from Other Programs

  • Viewing, Sorting, and Printing Contact Information

  • Using Your Contact List with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word

  • Sending Faxes to Contacts

  • Conducting a Vote, Review Survey Response and Track Survey Results in a Workgroup Environment

  • Scheduling and Managing Appointments

  • Personalizing Your Calendar

  • Using the Timex Data Link Watch

  • Utilizing E-mail to Plan and Respond to Meeting Needs Automatically

  • Setting Up an Event for Important Occasions

  • Setting Up an Online Meeting with Microsoft NetMeeting

III. Advanced (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Modifying your Tasks and Assigning it to Others

  • Tracking Tasks Assigned to Others and Receiving Status Reports

  • Archiving Files Manually or Automatically

  • Using Journal to Log Your Business Activities

  • Granting Permission to Workgroup Delegates to Act on Your Behalf

  • Sharing Your Calendar As a Web Page

  • Creating Business Forms


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