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This workshop is designed to provide a fast track process for those who are interested in mastering MS Word 2000 in 6 comprehensive sessions.  It covers fundamental to advanced topics.

I. Essentials (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day 

Workshop Highlights

  • Navigating the Word Document Window
  • Creating and Editing Word Documents with your Personalized Toolbar
  • Use of Mouse Shortcuts for Moving and Copying Text 

  • Creation of Buttons to Link to other Documents

  • Applying Alignment, Spacing, Borders, and other Paragraph Rules to Text

  • Creating and Quick and Colorful Logo for Your Documents

  • Setting Page Breaks, Margins, and Other Criteria’s  for Printing

  • Understanding Indents, and Tabs in Relation to Bullet and Numbered Lists

  • Personalizing Your Bullets List with Your Own Graphics

  • Using Tables as a Tool for Formatting or as Graphics  

II. Intermediate (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Finding, Replacing, and Formatting your Text  

  • Using the Dictionary and Thesaurus Functions 

  • Automation of Tasks with Macros  

  • Applying Styles and Themes to Documents

  • Insertion of Headers, Footers, and Footnotes  

  • Adding Fields and Controls to Electronic Forms

  • Create user Friendly Forms with Help Content Enabled

  • Mail Merges and Attaching an Existing Data Source

  • Abstracting Required Data Before Merging

  • Enhance Document Appearance with Clip Art and Other 3-D Graphics

  • Set Up Self-Mailing Newsletter

III. Advanced (Two 3 Hour Sessions) One Day

Workshop Highlights

  • Saving Your Word Document as a Web Page

  • Adding Controls, Bookmarks, and Multi-media to your Document

  • Collaborating Online in a Group Setting to Revise Documents

  • Sending Word Documents as Text or HTML Format

  • Setting Word as your Default E-mail Editor to Customize E-mails

  • Using Word and PowerPoint Interchangeably Within their Environments

  • Using Word and Excel Interchangeably Within their Environments


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